How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

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Nowadays, choosing one social media platform for your business is no longer sufficient – you need to ensure your brand is visible on all the major social media platforms. You can also add value to your social media marketing strategy by using Twitter for business. You can use Twitter’s features to grow your audience and achieve your business goals.

Businesses, brands, and small entrepreneurs have benefited from Twitter marketing. As a result, the platform has grown from being a trend-setting network of techies to a profitable source of revenue and lead generation.

Businesses and digital marketers may find it difficult to come up with the best Twitter social media marketing strategies. You need to find and follow Twitter marketing tips from experts and other business owners in order to be effective.

We explore the benefits and features of Twitter, how to use Twitter for marketing and how to use Twitter for business in this article.

What is Twitter And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Jack Dorsey founded Twitter in 2006 as a social networking service. 152 million people were using Twitter on a daily basis as of February 2020.

Twitter was originally built as a SMS-based platform, and as such every post is limited to 280 characters. Even after the website and mobile apps were launched, Twitter’s creators insisted on keeping the character limit to maintain its brand identity.

Twitter stands out as a social media platform because it allows users to consume and interact with content quickly. Since the character limit is enforced, people are forced to be concise in their writing, which is good for those with shorter attention spans. Twitter is an effective channel for marketing to users who are constantly on the go and use their smartphones most of the time.

The posts or updates on Twitter are called Tweets and are seen by the user’s followers. Among the contents of a tweet, images, links, and videos can be found. Retweets are posts that are republished from another source. Twitter usernames are called handles and are preceded by the @ sign.

Twitter allows individuals and brands to post industry-related updates, use hashtags to help users discover their content, interact with one another, and share their posts. The Twitter dashboard also shows trending topics for the day, usually categorized by country.

Marketers have used Twitter to generate awareness and grow a following for their brands since it is relatively easy to use. It is easy to set up a business Twitter account, and any business owner can do it in just a few clicks.

In Twitter’s early years, there were several controversies involving cyberbullying, fake accounts and inaccurate news. Therefore, Twitter released clear guidelines on how to handle harassment and questionable information shared on its platform. As part of its ongoing efforts to combat cyberbullying and other forms of abuse, Twitter purchased the artificial intelligence startup Fabula AI in 2019.

Twitter Fleets was created to give users more control over their content. Similar to Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories, Twitter Fleets is a way to share short videos. In Twitter’s blog post, the Twitter Fleets feature was created for people to share their “fleeting thoughts,” leaving a digital trail after 24 hours. It reduces the hesitation of people in sharing their personal views and beliefs that they feel might be controversial or change over time.

Is Periscope Still Around?

Live streaming app Periscope, from Twitter, will be available until March 2021 for existing users. Users can share videos with their network in real time using Periscope, which was acquired by Twitter in 2015. You can view the video for 24 hours after it has been posted. As with Meerkat, Facebook Live and Instagram Live, the service works similarly.

According to Periscope’s website, it plans to shut down the app at the end of 2020 because of a decline in subscribers and rising maintenance costs. The next Periscope release will not accept new sign-ups, but Periscope by Twitter continues to operate for registered users. In order to broadcast video, Twitter offers Twitter Live.

Periscope by Twitter was a popular method of marketing for business owners and influencers to promote their brands and build meaningful relationships with their followers. Using Twitter for marketing made it much more interactive and gave users analytics on their broadcasts instantly.

Twitter may not offer Periscope anymore, but it offers several other effective business-marketing tools.

How to Use Twitter For Business Marketing

The majority of people may find Twitter to be a straightforward social media platform. However, not all business owners and marketers are aware of how to use Twitter to market their business.

Brands need a solid Twitter marketing strategy that will allow them to:

  • Gain brand exposure
  • Nurture brand reach
  • Align ideals with industry leaders
  • Engage with customers
  • Acquire quality leads
  • Participate in relevant and trending topics

Twitter is a very effective tool for marketing for both small and big brands as long as they develop a strategy that fits their needs perfectly. They know how to use Twitter to market their brand and attract their target audience.

A business can implement a number of Twitter marketing strategies, which can be confusing. The key is finding one that works best for you. It is critical that you experiment and analyze data in this endeavor as there is no one-size-fits-all formula.

Basic Twitter marketing tips to get you started with your own Twitter marketing strategy

Publish Content Consistently

The question of what to post on Twitter is one of the largest obstacles marketers face when using it for business marketing. Every day, thousands of pieces of content are published on Twitter business accounts. How do you decide what type of content your brand should share?

Here are some content ideas for Twitter business profiles:

  • Recent blog posts
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • How-to tutorials
  • User-generated content (for example, positive reviews)
  • New product/service updates
  • Employee highlights
  • Polls or surveys

Video content is also recommended by Twitter for better audience engagement and retention. Video viewing on Twitter is a common activity, according to a Statista survey.

Use the Right Hashtags

Twitter marketing relies heavily on hashtags as one of its most popular strategies. You can use hashtags on Twitter to find content that is keyword-focused. If your brand is related to popular hashtags, you need to conduct ample research to discover them. To reach desired results, many Twitter marketing services include keyword research and hashtags.

Understand Your Audience With Analytics

Your Twitter business account has a free analytics dashboard that shows you useful information about the growth and activities of your account.

Go to and log in with your Twitter account to access analytics. The following information can be found here:

• User engagements including likes, retweets and comments
• Twitter followers
• Tweet activity (per tweet)
• Twitter impressions (number of times a tweet appears on a user’s timeline)

The content marketing strategy that you develop based on this data will power your business twitter campaigns. By learning what content works, as well as who your audience is, you can improve your content.

Advertising on Twitter

Twitter advertising can increase your following growth faster than the traditional Twitter social media marketing methods if you can afford it. As part of its Twitter marketing services, Twitter has opened up its platform for advertisers. When businesses use Twitter paid ads, they can see faster results.

Twitter advertising includes a range of ad content types without a minimum ad expenditure. If you want to run a Twitter advertising campaign, you can decide how much or how little it should cost. It’s easy to control the Twitter advertising price, and it’s highly flexible. Twitter ads can either be a simple text ad or a video ad lasting 60 seconds – it is entirely up to you.

Tweets can be promoted, accounts can be promoted, trends can be promoted, moments can be promoted, and ads can be automated. Taking each one of them in turn, let’s look at them:

Promoted Tweets

Tweets that appear in Twitter advertising content look just like regular tweets, except the word “Promoted” is clearly displayed on the lower-left-hand corner of this tweet. A promoted Tweet is shown to users who don’t follow the advertiser’s business Twitter account. Anyone who views these tweets can like, share, and comment on them. You may choose to promote a tweet with a plain text message or one that includes an image, video or link.

Promoted Accounts

You can run this type of Twitter advertising campaign if you are interested in gaining followers. The Promoted Accounts feature makes your brand account visible to a targeted audience on Twitter. Advertisements show up in the “Who to Follow” section of the timeline and include a Follow button.

Promoted Trends

In the Twitter news feed, Trending Topics are a constant presence. In this section, you can promote your brand based on the current top trending topics on the platform. Besides appearing on the timeline and Explore tab, promoted Trends also appear on users’ timelines.

Promoted Moments

A Twitter Moment is similar to a Facebook Story since it can include a variety of content telling a story that is relevant to your brand. Created on a desktop, Promoted Moments can be repurposed to target a larger audience each time you publish content. Optimize your audience targeting when using Promoted Moments to achieve the best results.

Automated Ads

Beginners can easily create an ad using Automated Ads in a matter of seconds. Promote Mode allows Twitter to automatically use your content for promotions and ad campaigns. The ads are continuously broadcast once Twitter selects the content and audience. Twitter advertising pricing is much more flexible than that of Automated Ads, which has a fixed monthly rate.

Understanding how effective your Twitter ads will be and whether you are targeting the right audience is critical to maximizing your Twitter advertising costs. It is possible to hire a Twitter marketing agency to ensure that your ads are successful if you are not an expert.

Visit Twitter’s business page to learn more about Twitter advertising pricing.


You can use Twitter effectively to grow your brand and generate leads, whether you plan on paying for advertising or not. With business Twitter marketing, businesses of any size or industry can reach their target audience.

Periscope by Twitter and Twitter Fleets allow you to experiment with different Twitter marketing strategies to see what works for your brand. This resource is designed to help you get started with a profitable business Twitter profile by providing Twitter marketing tips you can implement.

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