How To Decipher Your Google Ads Optimization Score

How To Decipher Your Google Ads Optimization Score

A set of optimization tools designed for Google Ads (previously known as AdWords) allows businesses and marketers to maximize their online advertising results. Your AdWords Google account health can be assessed at a glance with the Google Ads optimization score, which also measures how successful your Google Ads management is according to Google’s standards.

Your optimization score is accompanied by specific recommendations to help you improve it – like seeing a summary of things you can do to make your account more effective. Everyone loves to answer this question: Is it true that you should follow every Google AdWords optimization recommendation? Not necessarily.

Google AdWords optimization algorithm can be used by those who don’t have time to evaluate individual ad campaigns or analyze the impact of suggested changes. However, someone who is knowledgeable about Google AdWords management can explain why this approach is not the best.

“Blindly following recommendations can lead to detrimental effects. Although they can improve a campaign’s performance, smart marketers can determine which strategies to implement based on their own knowledge and experience.

Learn more about Google Ads and our AdWords management services in this blog post. Check out our guide to learn how to consult a Google Ads agency with professional Google Ads services, how to leverage your optimization score and how to leverage Google Ads recommendations to improve your account.

What Is the Google Ads Optimization Score?

Google Ads optimization scores range from zero percent to 100 percent and include recommendations on how to improve them. As you can see, if your Google AdWords account has reached 100%, it means all currently available recommendations have been taken into consideration, whereas if your account has zero percent, it’s in need of fixing through Google Ads services. Whether viewing from the manager account, account, or individual campaign level, viewing optimization score Google Ads recommendations is the same.

Getting an overview of your optimization score on Google Ads dashboard is as simple as clicking on Recommendations and then clicking on Optimization Score:

How the Optimization Score Is Calculated

Google AdWords optimization data and machine learning are used to calculate our optimization score. According to Google, your Optimization score changes based on where you are looking and how your SEO position changes in real-time based on real-time data. Based on your Google AdWords account settings, your AdWords performance history, and Google AdWords SEO best practices, you receive an optimization score.

Initially, your optimization score is 100 percent, and it decreases in accordance with AdWords optimization recommendations, which are weighted with an equivalent increase in your optimization score. If the impact is greater, the recommendation score will also be greater.

Google Ads Quality Score vs. Optimization Score

A Google Ads Quality Score measures how well your ads compare with those of your competitors. There is always a discussion about this topic when discussing optimization and Google Ads optimization in general – questions such as: How is optimization related to Google Ads’ Quality Score tool? How does optimization affect Quality Score? What can be done to improve it?

The first thing to remember is that Google states that the optimization score has no impact on Quality Score or Ad Rank. It provides a broader picture of a campaign’s health. However, the optimization score and Google Ads Quality Score share a similar goal: to provide actionable steps you can take to improve campaign performance. You would be able to improve your Quality Score along with your optimization score by working with a Google AdWords agency.

Why Your Score and Google AdWords SEO Matter

A Google AdWords SEO professional ensures that both organic and paid campaign best practices are used in ad campaigns. Google Ads optimization lies at the center of all SEO and Google Ads techniques. Optimizing your Google Ads account and maximizing your results are two things you can do. Your optimization score is one of them.

Why your optimization score matters:

  • This is based on how you have set up your account
  • Analyzes your Google Ads account to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Recommendations are categorized for easier analysis
  • Identifies the most important changes that need to be prioritized
  • Enhances your ability to achieve your goals

5 Ways To Leverage Your Google Ads Optimization Score

You can take advantage of many benefits from your optimization score, but delve deeper into the recommendations you receive before applying or dismissing them. To increase your Google AdWords optimization score, consult a Google AdWords agency.

Here are 5 expert-approved tips on how to leverage your optimization score:

1. See The Bigger Picture

Ad spend will probably increase with many recommendations for two reasons. As a result of increased ad spend, the Google Ad platform earns more revenue. Second, Adwords optimization is an investment that improves your returns – but only if you hire an Adwords specialist to handle your campaign budget increase.

You can be sure that you will get a good return on your ad spend when you work with a Google Ads agency. You can ask them if increasing ad spend is worth Google’s recommendation.

2. Understand What Your Score Is Not

You optimize based on an account-by-account basis. This is not an appropriate comparison, since there are no benchmarks for optimizing. All that matters is how close you are to your target score. If you score at 80 percent, you’re missing out on around 20 percent of the optimization opportunities for Google Ads.

Based on data and predictions from Google, your score reflects areas for improvement. Increasing your optimization score doesn’t guarantee improved results, as it does not indicate how well your campaigns perform.

3. Choose To Apply or Dismiss Recommendations Carefully

A Google AdWords expert and AdWords optimization consultant from Thrive explains this in detail. Despite her recommendation against applying all recommendations, she does affirm Google recommendations are beneficial to “high-level campaign management.” However, she notes that someone with Google Ads experience should ensure these recommendations “align with a specific strategy and won’t cause unnecessary Google Ads spend to increase.”

The recommendation for adding broad match keywords can often be found in almost every account – usually hundreds at a time. Ads will serve for long-tail se